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Apparently, I have forgotten to blog for months now!!! No Bueno! Lol. Lord knows that I have been doing many things including switching hats! All of my supporters are on my Facebook page so if you are reading this and would like to stay updated on my work please feel free to go like the page (www.facebook.com/ericaterrydesigns). Now… I know what you may be thinking… E. T. Where and what have you been up to?  And the answer to that is… everything. Lol. At least I try. The last post I made was in October of 2013 and honestly the only thing I have been up to is working my two (sometimes three) jobs. So, where do I start? Um… oh, my new hats!!! I do graphic design (everyone knows) but now I am getting into photography and face painting!!! Yay me! Now please understand that this doesn’t mean I have given up everything else it just means I’m adding on… something like a one stop shop. I’m excited though! Stay tuned for more updates!