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When I have a very long day I like to come home and make things. Unfortunately, I am at a creative block now so I came up with the idea to create a personal challenge for myself! DIY try out’s! I’m going to try to do (cough, clears throat) 10 DIY’s lol by the end of the month. Not in any specific order these are the ones I want to look into. Stay updated with my Facebook page (to the right of this post) and future blog posts! -Wish me luck! E.T.

Picture of How to Draw On Canvas Shoes (even if you're not an artist)

DIY Polymer Clay State Pendant Necklace

1Use magazine to create these one-of-a-kind stud earrings! #happinessiscreating

elegant DIY rhinestone studs vintage wedding

photo 2

how to make a relief frame

make diy irish wedding invitations

Fair isle DIY necklace and earrings
DIY Clay Heart Earrings

DIY Gold Nugget Earrings







Fall For DIY Crochet Chain















Beaded bracelet rose