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Let’s discuss my brilliant idea of face painting. I keep using my brushes after a party for my acrylic art lol. The reason? I don’t get a lot of face painting gigs, it’s mostly family. So when I have down time and I decide to paint and I (for some reason) use my face painting brushes. Then when time comes back around for a face painting gig, I buy new brushes again lol. Gladly, I came to my limit after my last party because I have enough acrylic paint brushes now lol. I literally went to the store and got some brushes (and sponges) specifically for face painting! I told myself no more this habit has to stop. I mean honestly who wants to keep buying brushes every time they have to face paint? I also have been practicing my brush strokes. Did I forget to mention that I am just starting out? Here is some of my work below. I also did a personal critique of myself. It is something that I love to do. I love to learn new things about it and even though I am self-taught I think I am doing well. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Be creative, Be wonderful, Be you!- ET